7 Ways to Banish Dark Circles From Under Your Eyes

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No matter how much time you spend on your beauty routine, the final results will be undone if you have persistent dark circles under your eyes. Your eyes are the first thing people see when they look at you, and if they always look tired then it’s hard to compensate for the dulling effect they bring 

And while it’s possible to cover up dark circles with concealer, increasing your habitual makeup use isn’t healthy for your complexion. It’s much better if you can 

find out why the dark circles are appearing, and then solve the underlying problem. 

1) Check for Allergies 

One common cause of dark circles is an undiagnosed allergy. You may find that your circles are worse when the pollen count is high, for example, as a less common symptom of hay fever. 

If this sounds possible, consider taking a mild anti-allergy preparation such as over-the-counter antihistamines and see if this makes a difference. If nothing else, anti-allergy medication may cut down on the rubbing which causes inflammation. 

2) Check for Iron Deficiency 

Are you getting enough iron in your diet? An iron deficiency can cause darkened and sunken eyes, along with pallid skin which makes the circles even more prominent. 

You don’t need to have a diagnosed case of anemia to see this effect, and even a minor imbalance in your diet can cause issues. Make sure you’re eating enough leafy greens, red meat, or dairy foods, and you may see a difference in only a few weeks. 

3) Avoid Eye Strain 

If your eyes are overworked, the blood vessels surrounding them will enlarge to increase blood flow. This makes the skin turn a few shades darker, and in extreme cases, your eyelids will puff up and cast shadows. 

Give your eyes some respite by cutting down on your screen time, and also have them tested to see if reading glasses may help reduce the strain. 

4) Drink More Water 

One of the first signs of dehydration is dull, sunken eyes which appear darker than they normally would. Avoid this by drinking plenty of water, and cutting back on caffeine and alcohol, especially late in the evenings. 

5) Take Care in the Sun 

If your skin gets too much sun, your body can react by over producing melanin for protection. This is known as hyperpigmentation, and it will darken your whole skin, but the effect is most noticeable around your eyes. 

Be scrupulous about applying sunscreen, as the sun bum on any part of your skin will darken any existing circles or blotches across your entire body. 

6) Wear Sunglasses 

It doesn’t need to be a blazing summer’s day for your eyes to benefit from sunglasses. As well as cutting down glare to reduce eye strain, sunglasses shield against wind and pollution, both of which can cause your eyes to puff up and darken. 

7) Natural Lightening Treatment 

There are two easy ways to soothe puffed-up and blotchy eyes to make them look less dark. First, make a cup of green tea using two tea bags, and then chill the bags in the fridge. Place them over your eyes while still damp and leave for five to ten minutes.

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