Proven Haircare Tips from India

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Indian women are renowned for their extraordinarily long, ebony hair. While genes undoubtedly play a major role in growing such glorious tresses, traditional haircare techniques ensure that their locks remain strong and healthy. Fortunately, you can integrate any or all of the tipslisted below into your haircare routine to improve your hair’s quality and appearance. 

Wear it up. Indian women rarely wear their hair down. Instead, they wear a single braid or an elegant chignon. Such hairstyles protect hair from breakage that occurs from the tangles that inevitably develop when hair is worn 


Please don’t dye. Though younger generations, particularly those who live in large cities, may dye their hair, most Indian women don’t. Manes that are untouched by chemicals are called “virgin hair,” and they are in high demand by wig makers. This is one of the reasons why many European and American companies eagerly purchase the tresses that many Indian women sacrifice to the Hindu deity Vishnu at holy temples throughout the country. 

Commercial hair dyes indude a myriad of chemicals that can negatively impact your health. In fact, the European Union has banned over 100 chemicals that are commonly used in American hair dyes. Studies linking hair dye use to cancer, primarily of the blood and bladder, have been inconclusive; some studies indicate that there is a link, while others don’t. Meanwhile, some ingredients have a proven impact on the immune and neurological systems. 

If that’s not enough to make you want to avoid hair dye, consider its impact on your hair. Dye “raises the cuticles on the hair shaft, which is why dyed hair looks more voluminous. Unfortunately, raised cuticles make hair more fragile and prone to breakage. 

Finally, bleach, which is used to strip hair of pigment prior to dying it blond and other light colors, is one of the most damaging things that anyone can do to their hair. It completely strips it of moisture, which leads to extensive breakage. 

If you must dye, try henna. Henna is an herb that has been used in India and other countries for millennia. Most people associate henna with bright orange/red hair.

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