Two Tips to Growing Long, Healthy Hair

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Bobs, lobs, and pixies come in and out of style, but long lustrous locks are always in. The allure of long hair isn’t just its inherent sexiness. It’s its versatility. There’s no limit to how you can style it, from ponytails and braids to buns and elegant updos. And there is no age limit for long hair, despite claims by hairdressers that long hair is “aging.” So, no matter your age, if you love long hair, grow it! 

Growing long, healthy hair takes patience. But there are a number of tips that can ensure that your hair is in great condition when it reaches your desired length. 

1. Step away from the scissors! Most people’s hair grows at the rate of half an inch a month. So, if you trim it too frequently, it will take you forever to attain your goal length. A good strategy is to trim only if there are visible split ends orif your hair acts “snarty” when you comb through the ends Otherwise, skip the trim. 

If you can find a hairstylist who is “long hair friendly,” you can ask them to”dust” your hair. Dusting entails trimming less than a quarter inch from your hair, so you only lose damaged ends without sacrificing length. 

2. Rethink how you wash your hair. As your hair grows, you may find that your shampoo and conditioner routine may be too drying for the length. Your scalp will inevitably get dirty or greasy because it produces sebum. Most of that sebum will never reach the length, however, so 

it will look and feel clean even when your scalp is ready for a wash.

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