6 Beauty Myths You Should Stop Believing Now

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There are countless beauty myths that women around the World believe. We get it, it’s easy to believe false advice When you’ve heard about them from your mom, roommate, are even Facebook friends. To help you stick to a beauty routine that will help you age with grace, you need to dispel popular myths. 

Shaving Will Make Way for Thicker Hair 

The first time you shave your legs, your mother probably freaked out. While you may believe that your hair will come back with a vengeance every time you shave, it’s a myth. 

Hair will simply appear shorter and more stubbly than before, not thicker. Keep on shaving, girl. Just remember to apply shaving cream to keep your skin moisturized and prevent ingrown hairs. 

Smiling Can Cause Crow’s Feet 

If your mother has creases around her eye area, you might be concerned you’ll get it too. If she told you she got it from smiling too much, don’t be scared because it isn’t true. Although you’ll be more at risk of developing the same condition due to genetics, the culprit of crow’s feet is squinting and sun exposure. 

To keep the skin beside your eyes looking beautiful, wear sunscreen at all times. If you find yourself always squinting, consider getting glasses so the skin beside your eyes won’t be strained. You might also want to invest in a moisturizing eye cream. 

Varicose Veins Appear When You Cross Your Legs 

Crossing your legs won’t cause varicose or spider veins. Your genetics are the main factors that determine whether you get it or not. You can lessen your risk of developing this condition by keeping your weight at a normal average and staying active. You can also avoid sitting and standing for a long period since it causes blood to pool and increase the pressure on your feet. 

Whenever you can, elevate your legs, and point and flex your feet. You should also not neglect this area when 

putting on sunscreen. If you develop varicose and spider veins, talk to a local dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon about procedures to limit its appearance. 

Foregoing Heat Protectant Spray Is Okay 

If you only use a curling iron or a hair straightener once every month, that’s not an excuse to skip using heat protectant spray. Styling tools can cause grave damage to your locks. Regardless of how often you use it, you should always protect your hair from heat so it will stay long, thick, and silky. 

Applying Makeup Every Day Is Terrible for the Skin 

Makeup isn’t’ actually bad for the skin. However, neglecting to remove it properly before you sleep will cause harm. Give your skin time to recharge and breathe by thoroughly removing your makeup from your face. 

Using the Same Product for a Long Time Is Not Good 

Sometimes, you just find the perfect product that makes your skin look ultra-glowing and smooth. Don’t believe that products lose effect when your skin adjusts to it.

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