Not Getting Clear Skin? 3 Common Skin Care Mistakes

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Everybody wants a blemish-free and healthy complexion. Unfortunately, achieving a smooth, glowing look can be tough and frustrating, especially if your skin is vulnerable to breakouts. If you’re maintaining a particular skin care routine right now, it’s important to be extra cautious and avoid bad habits that can worsen skin damage To help restore your skin health and get that beautiful, acne-free look you’ve long desired, consider the following common skin care mistakes and ways to correct them. 

1. Not Washing Your Face Thoroughly Before Sleep 

When you expose yourself to numerous kinds of outdoor and indoor pollution throughout the day, it’s imperative that you cleanse your face properly before you get your much-deserved good night’s rest. Washing your face quickly and improperly, or actually skipping the facial washing routine entirely, entraps bacteria and dirt and leads to dogged pores. This significantly raises your chances of getting bad breakouts and also decreases the effectiveness of nighttime creams and skin care products. 

Thus, make sure to take some time to wash your face thoroughly and get rid of unwanted makeup remnants. Don’t forget to choose the right type of facial wash suited for your skin. If you’re accustomed to using makeup removers and wipes, it’s still a good idea to wash with a gentle, sulfate-free cream, gel, or foam deanser afterward instead of moisture-stripping bar soaps. 

2. Using Multiple Products to Cleanse and Exfoliate 

While exfoliating helps to get rid of dead skin cells to 

revitalize your skin, do it in moderation. Too much exfoliation can actually affect your moisture barrier and even damage healthy cells. When you exfoliate excessively, you’re putting your skin at risk of irritation and dehydration. Additionally, deansing too frequently can make your skin dry and extra sensitive. 

It’s best to deanse your face up to twice a day only, preferably in the morning and before bedtime. Simply splash some water onto your face in the middle of the day if you want to freshen up your skin. Facial mists are also a 

refreshing way to add some moisture to your skin at daytime. Avoid using products with fragrances, sulfates, and other sensitizing ingredients. Exfoliate twice or thrice weekly when using a gentle facial scrub. Other options include enzyme and acid exfoliants. 

3. Trying Out Various Skin Care Products Too Often 

A friend just told you about an amazing product that brings unbelievable results. You give in and finally try this new skin care product to see if it works out for you too. Still, be aware that regularly switching to different products may do more harm than good, as it can potentially damage your natural skin barrier and ruin your natural acidic pH. If you’ve already found a healthy and effective skin care regimen that’s just right for you, it’s best to stick to your existing routine rather than looking for a new and more enticing holy grail.

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